The Box and Others Celebrate Repeal Day in Style

This Friday marks the 75th anniversary or the repeal of Prohibition; celebrate like Grandpa would. Or go to the Box. The much chronicled den of debauchery and depravity is hosting it's very own Repeal Night party . Do not expect restraint.

There's already a sort of every-day-is-Repeal-Day vibe at Employees Only in the West Village. From the faux-gypsy-fortune-teller front window to the throwback cocktails. You've already missed their pre-repeal costume party (think lots of garters and mustaches, though not on the same person) on Monday, but the party will surely have some spillover to Friday. though you can expect it to be a lot more packed.

The storied 21 Club hosts an invite-only party on Friday, counter-intuitively sponsored by a group called Choose Responsibility. The ghosts of old New Yorker editors like Dorothy Parker and Harold Ross will surely be tossing back a few bath-tub gin concoctions, and of course the odd Demerol chaser, but you get to be fancy—and responsible.

Or you can forgo the whole mess and just go to a place that has no reason to celebrate the repeal of the 18th Amendment, because it was bad-ass enough to never stop serving its two-beer-an-order homebrew, even during those dark days of deprivation—good old McSorley's Old Ale House.

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