For the Indecisive, a Way to Check Out 165 Gyms

Still haven't found a gym you love? Prefer flitting from class to class, activity to activity? There's a PassBook for that.

The American Health and Fitness Alliance puts out a Fitness PassBook each year for New York City residents to encourage exercise and fitness. The 2011 Fitness PassBook has just been issued, and this year contains over 600 passes to over 165 clubs and gyms throughout the five boroughs.

These are guest passes that get you in for at least two visits, though some last you as long as a month. A few even include one-on-one personal training sessions.

There is a sign-up fee of $75, plus a postage fee of $4, but hey, that's about the price for a month of a gym membership anyway. And if you end up joining any of the clubs in the program, you'll get back all the money you spent for the PassBook.

In addition to the Fitness PassBooks, Yoga PassBooks and Pilates PassBooks are available.

For a complete list of all the participating gyms and yoga and Pilates studios in the city in New York City, visit

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