Techno Dance Fiesta: Inside La Leche's Labor Day Bash

The lead performer at the techno-infused La Leche Festival thrown by party group Matinee on Governors Island Sunday said the success of the massive outdoor bash is the fusion of two New York staples: the club and theater scenes.

"Matinee is special because we have Broadway and all these clubs, but we don't always bring theater and clubs together," Jeremy Xtravaganza told Niteside at the bash where nearly 3,000 people gathered to witness the techno dance club, vogue-inspired performance and couture costumes.

He added, "It's very New York, darling." 

The party company Matinee is infamous within the gay community and began hosting events a decade ago in Spain and Ibiza, where organizers claim a headcount of at least 4,000 weekly. Owner and fiesta-guru Manolo Sorio brought LaLeche to New York when he and co-producer Jake Resnicow sought to fill a gap in the party scene.

“It's not about the DJ," Resnicow said. "It's about the experience. We are bringing back the experience. New York used to be like that.”

On Sunday, the crowd of mostly men filed onto Taxi Beach by the ferry-full, many following the dress code of tank tops or sailor hats. The spectacle on stage would have made "Circus" singer Britney Spears envious: men in cow-patterned briefs accompanied Xtravaganza and he lip-synched "Excuse Me" by Franklin Fuentes. Confetti shot into the air. Skin was bare and glitter rampant.

The six-hour long festival had a roster of crowd-pumping DJ's. J. Louis came all the way from Spain and DJ Theresa brought a Latin flavor to her beats. Surprise guest performer Shawnee Taylor's billowing voice served as a last act.

It was last call for white in the fashion season, and stage manager Alexa Williams was inspired by the Labor Day theme.

“White is a bland color, but it is so multi-purpose. Having such a blank canvas brings so much energy,” Williams said.

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