Meet Bob Bland: Queen of Brooklyn Royalty

Bob Bland is the epitome of a Williamsburg -- for lack of a better term -- scenster.

In addition to running The Arsenal, a gallery and event space in the heart of the hip Brooklyn neighborhood, she (that's right -- a girl named Bob) is the brains behind street wear clothing line, Brooklyn Royalty. But that's not all.

The name of the game is expansion and branding. Bland (which we promise, she's not) has also begun curating shows at the recently relocated Knitting Factory in hopes of making a name for herself in her local digs as the lady behind "Brooklyn Royalty Presents..." events.

"I haven't slept in, like, 72 hours," Bob confided backstage at Cameo, the semi-secret gallery space in the back room of the popular Lovin' Cup Café. The PBR-sponsored release party for photographer Marianne Berstein's new book "Tatted: A Documentation of Self Expression in the Most Permanent of Ways," set the stage for rotating sets of models donning Brooklyn Royalty gear while interacting with the crowd and telling stories about their body art.

"A lot of my models tonight [are] Williamsburgers who are moving and shaking in the professional world," Bob pointed out, "like that was Andy Shaw of Shaw Promotions and he modeled tonight. ... In the past that seemed unprofessional, but for us, Brooklyn brands should be about keeping it real."

So where can you get a taste of the outer-borough festivities? Bob Bland has you covered with a prix-fixe nightlife menu.

"I love to go to The Woods, especially on Thursday nights for Nicky Digital's party. I also have this thing I call the trifecta," she said. "For me it's Trophy Bar for drinks, Moto for dinner, and then to Bembe for dancing -- that's my ultimate night out."

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