Target Displays Its Love for NYC on Times Square Billboards

In celebration of upcoming Fashion and International Design Weeks, Target will emblazon itself on four vinyl billboards in Times Square on Friday, with NYC-centric iconography by four local artists, Laurie Rosenwald, Michael Anderson, Josh Goldstein and Charles Wilkin. The panels will then be refashioned into tote-size bags by Anna Sui.

And by "iconography" we mean, knishes (gosh, we're so fancy). Target's new jumbo boards will buck the Times Square trend towards mind-numbing digitized signs that have infested the area of late, and in their old-school pop art vibe will depict such city favorites as the beloved potatoe pie, Empire State Building, coffee, the Statue of Liberty and proclamations of love for itself.  Interestingly enough, what we don't have much of in this city is Target, but that's another story. 

Following their run on Broadway, the boards become bags. Literally. They'll also be announcing under the Times Square display, that people can pick their favorite panel and get an Anna Sui tote, constructed from that very vinyl, i by clicking here. The limited edition bags will retail for $29.99.  Groovy.

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