Table Tennis Tournament at Blink NoHo

ping pong
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For some reason, ping-pong has never gotten the same kind of love in the U.S. as it regularly does overseas: take the Table Tennis World Cup, for example. There are plenty of winners from China and Sweden and Germany and South Korea, but nary an American flag among the champions.

But that's not to say there isn't an active ping-pong scene New York City. There are gyms and classes devoted to the sport, and even public tournaments -- like the one next week sponsored by Blink Fitness, the budget-friendly offshoot of the upscale Equinox gyms.

Blink Fitness and Table Tennis Nation are hosting a so-called 3-on-3 Brawl at Blink NoHo this Thursday, July 21, at 6 p.m.

Blink Pong is open to players of all abilities, both as individuals or groups. Table Tennis Nation says its experts will find teams for guests.

"The Brawl is a chance for people to play ping pong in a social team setting while competing," Cooper Fallek of Table Tennis Nation says. "An hour of ping pong can burn 400 calories, so this is a great chance to supplement your workout in a fun, different way." 

Blink NoHo is located at East 4th Street and Broadway.

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