Surprise Sale: 40% Off Marc by MJ Shoes

[Only a small selection of what's on offer]

Strolling down Bleecker last night, we were hardly expecting to see anything new from Marc Jacobs since he's already put the giant swan boat in the window. Instead we discovered stacks and stacks of shoeboxes clogging his women's store. Come to find out that he's got all women's shoes in store on sale for 40% off, making your dreams of shiny patent come true for the holidays.

So what's on offer? Aside from the sequined jazz shoes you can stacked above, we spotted the trompe l'oeil mouse flats, shiny shiny loafers, the plexi-heeled boots, absolutely tons of ballerina flats and many more. While this sale has the possibility of making some girls very happy, it is really saddening that the guys get no love aside from a 70%-off watch-chain belt. Sorry, dudes.
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