Summer = Mojitos, Latin Rhythms, Escape

Shimmy and shake as Cumbiagra incants summery beats that make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely

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Let’s say that for you, summer = mojitos, Latin melodies and drums played to excess in a bar’s back room.

So, your home turf for the summer is Cumbiagra. Every Monday June through August, the music room at Brooklyn’s Barbes hosts an evening of raucous, riotous chicha, villera and digital cumbia. Sinuhé El Chino, Brian El Michael Knight, Lázaro El Flash, and Gregorio "Goyo" Uribe – who, p.s., plays accordion and sings – will take you back to a time you never knew and a place you’ve never been. And yes, you'll be expected to dance. Isn’t that what the dreamy, steamy nights of summer are all about?

Every Monday June through August
Barbes; 376 9th Street at 6th Avenue; Park Slope, Brooklyn 347-422-0248
More information at

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