David Chang Rules in Australia; Stumptown Amsterdam

Links. [1] When Europe is looking to the U.S. for good espresso, you know we're on to something. Stumptown's Duane Sorensen launches a pop-up coffee shop in Amsterdam from May 1 through July. He also shares his beer bar and restaurant picks for the city with Oliver Strand.

[2] The Top Chef tour kicks off April 14 when a mobile restaurant begins to make stops between 21 cities.

[3] Amidst all the exciting buzz over coffee, Time Out pauses to list the top ten spots for tea including T Salon, Roebling Tea Room, and Podunk.

[4] The U.N. voted to removed Bluefin tuna from the endangered list after pressure from Japanese lobbyists, and the Atlantic believes the fish could face extinction due to commercial interests.

[5] Australians are star struck by David Chang, who is in town for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. "He's like a bloody rock star,'' said one fan at his hotel; ''David! I tasted your cookies,'' swooned another. Not only are his tattered sandals of interest, but also the fact that he flew in early for a Pavement concert, and that other chefs know him simply as "Dave." We're not sure the significance of a shortened surname among friends, but good for him.

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