Storecasting: Victoria's Secret Gives Us A Pink Peek

Is Soho ready for another big flagship only a few months after Hollister, which began literally stinking up Broadway back in July?Well, they've got no choice as the Victoria's Secret to end all Victoria's Secrets is quickly coming together across the street, in the spaces formerly occupied by Lounge and Eastern Mountain Sports.

We managed a peek inside, and as you can see from above, there will be no grand staircase (a la Juicy Couture), although we had half expected one. Instead, Vicky's is sticking to their boudoir store look, with only a few interior accents and not much to detract from what will no doubt be a frilly Christmas lingerie collection. The store is pegged to open in "Fall 2009," which is now, and it looks like they aren't too far off that date. Prepare for an Angel assault, Soho.

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