Stock at the Hermès Sale Still Expensive

The line was hours long at the Hermès sale this morning. So was it worth the wait? Well, leather goods are 40 percent off, and bracelets are $150. Also, "There are scarves, of course, lots of them, for $225, and ties for $102. All kinds of women's shoes for around $300 to $400, plus a really nice pair of knee high boots for $700, down from $1000 … This is a huge sale — much bigger than last year. I see a ton of clothes, both men's and women's, but people don't really seem to care about them, maybe because they're still hundreds of dollars. One skirt is $500; another's on sale for $2000. For only $1050, you can get a white button-down shirt! The cheapest thing here is probably a goblet in the home section for $25." [Racked]

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