Stella McCartney's Met-Gala Jumpsuit Made Hours Before the Ball

The Daily Mail called Stella McCartney one of the worst-dressed attendees at the Met gala. Her good friend Liv Tyler, whom we met at the Time 100 gala, admits the black-lace jumpsuit was a little thrown-together. "Stella and Kate [Hudson] and I all got ready in Stella's suite at the Carlyle, which was like a four-hour process, and when I arrived at two o'clock they were literally cutting a piece of lace fabric with scissors, which later became Stella's outfit. They made it in two or three hours," Tyler said, laughing. "It was coming apart at the seams at times and they were literally making it till the last second we left, but we had a ball."

Tyler thought McCartney's jumpsuit was fabulous, even though she needed one or two girlfriends to help her get in and out of it every time she went to the loo. "Oh, I thought it was the most genius thing in the world. I'm obsessed with all-in-ones. Anything that's all-in-one with a zipper, shorts or pants, I'm obsessed. And Stella does that really well," Tyler said. "Regardless of what anyone thought of our outfits or how we felt in our outfits, as girls and sisters, we had such an absolute ball ... We giggled and we laughed and we sat around in our robes and we had a really lovely time."

Tyler's second big highlight of the week was seeing Michelle Obama in the flesh at the Time 100 gala. "I didn't get to meet the First Lady, which I was absolutely salivating to do," said Tyler. "But I watched her and was amazed by her grace and the size of her waistline. Everyone was talking about her arms, but the first thing I thought when she walked up, on a physical level, was, 'Oh my God, look at the size of her waist!' She's so tiny! She's Rrrrrraooowww! She's va-va-va-voom! And she had a corset on! Our First Lady had a lace corset on. Oh my God. It was incredible."

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