Starbucks Barista Commits Classic Celebrity Faux Pas

We know: One would think that we at Intel would be cool around celebrities, what with all the star-studded events we're always gadding about at and dinners at Tina and Harry's we're always getting invited to, etc. But as we have mentioned, at one time or another we have all found ourselves acting incredibly awkward in the presence of fame. For instance, Dan Amira once walked straight up to Anthony Edwards of E.R. and said, "Hey, you're Ed Begley Jr., right?" Part-time Inteler Lindsay Robertson had to actually legally bar herself from speaking to celebrities after an incident with David Cross, and just a few weeks ago, Intel Jessica accidentally waved at a woman who looked familiar on Canal Street, then had to pretend to be waving at the Chinese saleswoman behind her when she realized it was actually Diane Kruger. Which is why we empathized with the Starbucks barista in this "Page Six" item:

In line at Starbucks on Spring Street at Varick this week, a redhead with wet hair and jeans got to the counter. The female cashier loudly proclaimed, "You know who you look like — that lady who used to be married to Tom Cruise. What's her name?" The manager, making the coffee, suggested, "Nicole Kidman?" "That's it, you look just like Nicole Kidman: tall, the blue eyes, the hair ... anyone ever tell you that?"

Ah, the old "you-look-just-like" routine. It's a classic. We suppose it could have been worse. She could have said, "You look just like Nicole Kidman, only older."

Anyway! If you've ever asked Paul Rudd if you went to college together or told Steven Baldwin you loved him in Sliver, e-mail us at intel[at], or stick your story in the comments because we cannot get enough of this stuff.

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