Spike Hill Earning Its Name

Courtesy Donny Vomit

You always knew Williamsburg was a real freakshow. And if you like both craft-brewed beer and sideshows, then has Spike Hill got the lager (and entertainment) for you. Coney Island Lager is finishing a week-long residency at the Bedford Ave bar. How does a beer have a residency you may ask? Glad you asked.

The lager line, a product of Brooklyn's Smaltz Brewing Company, features sideshow performers -- a tattooed freak, a sword swallower, and a snake charmer -- emblazoned on its labels. All week long the lagers are $5 at the bar, and the rep from the brewery says it's all love between Smaltz and its brethren at Brooklyn Brewery, even when a patron was served a Coney Island Lager in a Brooklyn Brewery pint glass. It must have something to do with the fact that they both contract bottling to a brewery in Ithaca.

To launch its new beer, Human Blockhead Tough As Nails Lager (yes, it's tough to order), Coney Island Lager has brought in label cover model Donny Vomit, also known as, you guessed it, the Human Blockhead. And what does Donny do for your viewing pleasure as you are enjoying his tasty beverage? He pounds seven-inch spikes into his nose, inserts a running drill into his septum and swallows a sword. All while folks are enjoying their dinners just steps away.

In a bit of kismet (or odd timing depending on your point of view) Spike Hill also has a guest chef in the bar. His flare for flambés really adds something to the show. Seeing Donny insert a condom-wrapped nail into his nostril probably does not complement the food in the same way.

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