“Spider-Mike” Flies High At Charity Roast

With a third term comes great responsibility.

Mayor Bloomberg spoofed the beleaguered "Spider-Man" musical Saturday night at the 89th annual Inner Circle charity dinner, with a mid-air stunt that left him hanging, just like actors in the troubled Broadway show.

The annual fundraiser features a fully staged performance by the mayor, backed by the cast of a current Broadway musical.

Last year, Bloomberg appeared with the cast of “Hair,” but the event is best remembered for when former Mayor Rudy Giuliani dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” back in 1997.

This year, Bloomberg had been widely expected to mock “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” and he did not disappoint.

After flying onto the stage, he got stuck, and so the production quickly shifted into a spoof of the long-running musical “Mamma Mia!” instead.

Cast members from that musical joined him during the parody, dubbed “Mayor Mia!"

Bloomberg appeared first in a boy scout uniform, as a fresh-faced Harvard Business School grad who had just arrived in New York. Then he changed into a disco outfit — complete with silver sparkly platform shoes.

Actors playing schools chancellor Cathie Black and Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan appeared to help the mayor sing political parodies of the ABBA songs “Mamma Mia!” is famous for.

Bloomberg’s performance followed an extended roast by the city’s press corps, who mocked his lackluster response to the blizzard that blanketed the city in late December during Act 1, and poked fun at the gridlock that cripples Albany during Act 2.

The show, entitled "Meet The Focker-Uppers," spoofed practically every New York political figure imaginable, as well as many others — Bernie Madoff, Charlie Sheen, Sarah Palin and The Old Spice Guy all made appearances.

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