Special Emergency Vote: Should The Winner of Dessert Truck “Throwdown” Be Revealed?

So, we've got a bit of a thing here. Bobby Flay taped an episode of his Food Network show Throwdown with Bobby Flay in Union Square yesterday. In broad daylight. For all to see. In one of the busiest parks in New York City. Lots of people were there. And, we promised we'd reveal the winner of the match-up, which pitted Flay against the venerable Dessert Truck in an epic battle of who could give the other a sugar headache first.

We were set to do the spoil right here and now, but then a note came in from a producer on the show. We're told one form or another of this plea circulated widely around the blogshpere last night and this morning. Here's why we shouldn't tell you who won:

Dear [Eater]:

My name is [redacted], I am a producer with "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" and I am writing to you because I want to ask you on behalf of our show to not post the results from yesterday's Dessert Truck Throwdown on the eater.com website or any other websites you may be affiliated with. We work very hard to keep the results under wraps until the shows air and we would really appreciate it if you could keep these results a secret. Also, I noticed that there is a photo of someone from yesterday's crew on the site and I wanted to ask you to please take that down as soon as possible. I believe the caption on that photo reads: "Dessert truck owners Jerome and Chris coached through the next segment by production assistant." It is of outmost [sic] importance for us to keep the anonymity of any crew members involved with the show at any point and in any capacity. Please understand that this is all in order to keep the integrity of the show and the element of surprise for future competitors and for all of our viewers at home. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.


We still think we should tell you who won. But, let's do this: you make the call, we'll follow along.

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