Someone Paid $150,000 for a Fur Coat Monday Night


Things can't be as bad as all that in New York when there are still charity auctions in which an anonymous bidder will pay $150,000 for a custom-made Dennis Basso fur coat. Of course, they're even better when the same bidder drops $45,000 on diamonds in the same night.

Basso himself was even apparently on-hand at Monday’s live auction for the Aspen Art Museum to hand off the custom floor-length Russian sable to the bidder, who (no surprise) wished to keep his or her name out of the papers. Later, it's true, that same bidder paid over $40K for a Chopard diamond watch.

Other luxe-life items included a dinner at Spago with Tom Ford -- auctioned off at $24,000, which WWD hilariously noted worked out to "just $3,000 a person" (Oh, only $3,000?). Frankly, reading stories like this, we're not sure whether to be aghast or thrilled -- excess is back!

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