Solar Powered Gameboy-Jams on WFMU

Courtesy WFMU

Monday night from 8-11 p.m. on WFMU 91.1 FM the airwavess will be taken over by the sun. How's that? you wonder. The regular show on at that slot, Safe and Sound, will go solar powered. Presumably the power has been stored up already, because it's looking a wee bit cloudy. Then again, 8-Bit bands like Natty, Nullsleep, Glomag and Bubblyfish will be providing the live soundtrack, and last we checked, Game Boys don't suck a lot of juice (the website for WFMU boasts they'll be powered by "photovoltaic-charged AAs").

If you can get over all the techno geekery coupled with the evriro geekery you'll pause for a smirk-free moment (it's hard, yes), and say to yourself that maybe this little stunt is doing the right thing. And this is one of the many boundaries independent radio is good for pushing. And you can ask your questions of the show's host, Trent via email and have them answered live on air when you're listening on your hand-craked transistor radio, huddled next to the light of your solar-powered glow jar.

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