Socialite: I Need $53,000 a Week to Live On

Talk about high maintenance.

A Swedish countess who's divorcing her hot shot husband says she has expenses of $53,000 a week, the New York Post reported today.

Marie Douglas-David, a leggy blond who is seeking a divorce from United Technologies Chairman George David, claims in court papers that she spends in a week what most Americans make in a year.

At a hearing in Hartford Superior Court this week, her estranged husband agreed to pay her $978,000 until their lawyers work out the terms of her divorce, the Post reported.   She signed a $43 million post-nup agreement.

Douglas-David, a 36-year-old former investment banker, only wants to live in the style to which she has grown accustomed to, the Post reported.  That includes weekly expenses of:

$27,300 for mortgage and maintenance fees and rent for the Park Avenue penthouse, the Hamptons retreat and properties in Sweden

$8,000 for  clothing

$4,500 for a personal assistant

$2,209 for horse care

$1,570 for domestic help

$1,480 for entertainment and restaurants

$1,500 for health and skin care

$650 for flowers

$600 for dry cleaning

$250 for a trainer

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