So Long, Slater: JetBlue says Angry Flight Attendant No Longer Works for Them

Steven Slater won't be popping any more emergency chutes... at least not for JetBlue.

An spokesperson for the airline said tonight that the flight attendant who famously flipped out in August at JFK Airport no longer works for the company.

Slater faces charges of felony reckless endangerment and criminal mischief after the incident, which occurred at the end of a flight from Pittsburgh. He became an instant folk hero after his chute-slide and was even offered appearances on reality television shows. 

In the days following the incident, Slater has said he hoped to keep his job.

But as investigators looked into his Slater's story that his bizarre behavior was sparked by a dispute with a passenger, they weren't able to find anyone on the flight who had seen the confrontation.

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