Is “So LA” Lamer Than “Ask a Local”?

Tourism campaigns inherently suck. They make us think of the fat-ankled hordes invading from Columbus, waddling along the sidewalks laden with Broadway ephemera, foam Lady Liberty visors, and I heart NY mugs, barely able to stay out of the way. The NYC tourism campaign makes about as much sense as trying to take one of those red double-decker buses to work in the morning. Ask a local? Have you ever asked a local for anything? Even something simple, like say, directions to the nearest subway? You're lucky if you get a grunt and an expletive hurled in your direction. Imagine what happens when a guy in a fanny pack asks a local.

But perhaps eclipsing the bland mediocrity and overall patheticness of "Ask a Local" isLos Angeles's new slogan, "That's so LA." You know what's so LA? Dov Charney in nothing but a pair of tube socks and a trucker hat, taking Polaroids of a 14 year old.

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