Snuggie's Runway Show Steals Fashion Week Spotlight

Even with stars like Courtney Love, Madonna, and Mickey Rourke gracing the front rows of fashion week's glitziest runway shows, it turned out the much-anticipated Snuggie fashion show yesterday was one of the most exclusive tickets in town.

As one daring reporter from The Cut, reported: "Less than twenty people attended this must-see -- and evidently highly exclusive -- event." Other fashion blogs, like Refinery29, even twittered, "Doom and gloom at Refinery29. The whole office is lamenting our own ineptitude. How could we miss the Snuggie™ Show™?!"

Now, granted, it may be that respectable fashion folks had other shows to attend (Brian Reyes and Mulberry were in the same hour slot, as it happens), but regardless, the Park Avenue Hotel became the site of quite a rousing little spectacle. The room was smaller than the average fashion week venue, and the show apparently even had a moderator talking up the various styles coming down the runway.

As for the styles, the runway looks ranged from simple-and-classic -- basic blue and even bone-colored pieces -- to animal-print sexy. Models mugging it for the cameras wearing zebra and leopard-print Snuggies had to be the most intoxicating moment of the whole show. And Snuggie fashion isn't just for humans! One winning look was a bright blue version, just for puppies.

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