Sneak Peek: Tim Gunn Is “Seriously Worried” in Project Runway Clip

Between hearing that Nicole Richie will be the first guest judge and now seeing Tim Gunn's usual fatherly concern erupt into straight-up consternation in a preview clip, we're a little concerned about the new "Runway" cast.

In an preview clip of the new season, the contestants look more than a little behind for one of the challenges. As in: one designer's piece is still, well, in pieces on the table. Gunn is so frustrated that he drops what  may end up becoming his new catchphrase for the season: "Recalibrate your ambitions."

Overall, the whole scene makes us think this season's group might be in serious trouble with incomplete work and, quite frankly, underwhelming performance compared to what the designers had in mind for themselves. Granted, we're all hoping for drama (last season was decidedly underwhelming on that front), but we also want to see some good design. We'll be watching! 

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