Listen to the New Sleigh Bells Album, Reign of Terror

You've probably seen the new Sleigh Bells album trailer and you have tickets for this week's show. (Or at least you tried.)

So the only thing left to do is actually hear the new Sleigh Bells album Reign of Terror. Well, you can go to your favorite retailer next week for that.

But if you're impatient, which is understandable, you can head on over to The New York Times and check out Reign in all its glory. 

To our ears, it sounds like Derek Miller has taken the dial on his guitar amp that reads "complete annihilation" down from 11 to 8, and changed his drum machine setting from "pummel" to "pummel in a funky way."

For her part, singer Alexis Krauss seems to be working in some vexingly catchy, R&B-nodding earworm hooks into her war chants.

They might not murder quite as hard this time around, but fortunately it sounds like they're having more fun than ever. 

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