Look Younger for Less

Reversing aging can be inexpensive and easy for anyone, says Dr. Marcus L. Gitterle who has written a book, “Growing Young – A Doctor’s Guide to the New Anti-Aging,”  about how to do it.

“Synergy is the way to reverse aging,” said Gitterle, M.D. Director at Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine.

In nine separate but interlocking processes – including altering diet and activating your anti-aging genes – Gitterle shows how almost anyone can modulate the aging process at a nominal cost.

“I see a future where there are less patients and more empowered people,” said Gitterle.

Sleep is one of the nine practices in Gitterle’s “personal wellness empowerment” program:

“You could do all kinds of expensive things and call it anti-aging but if you’re not getting a good seven hours of sleep in a good environment, you might as well forget about the rest,” he said.

“Maybe you don’t need a sleeping pill, maybe you just need to restructure how you think about sleep," said Gitterle who said his findings are clinically proven.

Doctor Gitterle’s Sleep Tips

1.    Eight hours of sleep may be too much. Studies based on huge numbers of people show that “the sweet spot looks like seven hours.”

2.    Sleep in absolute darkness.

3.    Get to sleep by 10 p.m. “If we’re not in deep sleep by midnight, our body doesn’t produce its own growth hormone. We age faster when we don’t replace it, he said.” Growth hormones are not needed. “What I’m in favor of is doing it ourselves. Getting to sleep by 10 is worth $500 a month and it’s safer.”

4. “Make the place where we sleep, a sacred protected place. We’re going to spend nearly a third of our life there.”

5.  “Creating a healthy, holistic sleeping environment is really key. Our bedrooms need to be a place where we don’t do last minute work,“ said Gitterle. And “sleeping in a cool room helps to sleep quickly and sleep soundly.”

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