Sigur Rós Screens New Film in Brooklyn

For those who have forgotten, Sigur Rós is the Icelandic post-rock behemoth that has only a little to do with Bjork. Despite using a made-up language with no literal meaning, Sigur Rós garnered a sizeable following in the last decade among pent-up rock writers and aging, wayward emo kids alike.

The band’s got another film, this one called Inni, out in a variety of formats for purchase. Where the group's previous film Heima concentrated on Sigur Rós' cult following back home, Inni zones in on the band's live show. Here’s the trailer:

Between the film grain, the monochrome and the jittery strobe effects, Inni looks almost like a 1900s-era silent film with art-rock overdubs. It also almost completely rips the aesthetic of the recent Vincent Moon-directed Mogwai film, Burning. But hey, Sigur Rós has been ripping off (or briefly working with) Mogwai for years now. Here's another Inni clip:

Sigur Rós just takes so long to get to the point in these days of slapdash punk jams and lo-fi fanfare.

I mean, just look at how forever Jonsi holds that one note bridging the two sections of this composition. The band’s jams are like an extended orgasm that takes such an obnoxious amount of time, once the climax actually happens you’re totally bored by it. Existentialism in a bucket.

Regardless, at least in viewing this film you'll be able to sit down during these vast stretches of time. Inni plays at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema the next two (at least) Fridays and Saturdays at 12:30 a.m.

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