Signage NYC: The Crazy Person's Walking Tour

Website is an exhaustive repository of NYC signs

Manhattan User's Guide tips us off to the wonderfully obsessive website, maintained by Walter Grutchfield, Gotham junkie, badass archivist and man with, apparently, the time to walk from 14th to 42nd Street and take a picture of every single sign he sees. Well, not every single one -- Walter himself admits this wouldn't be possible, estimating the number at about 30,000. But he takes pictures of a lot of them, from bygone-era murals advertising typewriters to placards outside of pizza joints hawking spinach calzones. Some of his shots even feature a little background, such as census information about people who used to live in the sign-bearing building. (We told you it was obsessive.)

Bless the city for encouraging this kind of mania, and the web for making it accessible to all. [via MUG]

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