Sietsema Calls Out the History of Kenmare

While Robert Sietsema doesn't appreciate the scene at Kenmare and agrees with incoming reviews that entrees leave something to be desired, there are two unique points in his review. .

[1] The history: "For nearly a century, ending in 2000, the space held Patrissy, an Italian joint that became notorious as a hangout for the staff of EC Comics, who inked Tales From the Crypt and other goth-horror titles in the 1950s, in addition to launching Mad magazine."

[2] That the restaurant stuck three critics with early-bird seatings: "Soon after we sat down, the greeter ushered in Jay Cheshes of Time Out and, later, Sam Sifton of the Times. The service had been exceedingly slow, but it improved markedly once Sifton—dressed like an undertaker in a somber charcoal-gray suit with skinny lapels—was seated. For the next hour or so, critics and their cohorts were nearly the only diners in the room. [VV]

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