Should the Parks Department Save a Slice of Yankee Stadium?

As Yankee Stadium gets stripped of its guts and sold off piece-by-piece in advance of its bulldozing, a group of Yankee fans are trying to rally public support for an interesting idea: preserving Gate 2, the stadium entrance left unchanged by the renovation in the '70s, as a literal monument to the House That Ruth Built. They want the gate—on 161st Street across from the new stadium—to be used as an entrance to Heritage Field, the park destined for the site of the old Yankee Stadium, and they've created a website with details and renderings of the plan. The Daily News reports that the Parks Department is lukewarm to the idea. Preliminary approval has already been given to the existing Heritage Field design, and there are plans to commemorate the old stadium in other ways, such as a walking trail built along the old ballfield's perimeter. Still, saving the slab would mean that some old Yankee Stadium ghosts could at least have the opportunity to stick around and keep cursing A-Rod.

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