Shoppers Wait Hours for Free Shirts

The Thread

It's the second day of Thomas Pink's epic thousand-shirt giveaway to promote the premiere of USA's "White Collar," the line proves itself to be so much longer than yesterday that it's already been officially "closed" once this morning, and many face a wait of over three hours.

In a good news/bad news turn, the reason the wait is so long is that Thomas Pink staffers are measuring each person for his or her individual shirt. Fortunately, there are some distractions to be had in the area -- not only are there free shoe-shines, there's also free coffee. Frankly, however, we'd rather pay for the shirts than wait that long for a freebie. On the other hand, this could be a boon to the newly unemployed since it's both a daytime activity that doesn't just involve sitting on the couch, and you walk away with a great new shirt for interviews.

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