Shop Like Donatella Versace

The iconic blond reveals her favorite New York spots

Say what you want about Donatella Versace--that dark tan, that ultra-bond hair, that accent--the woman's got taste when it comes to New York.

In a guest blog she wrote for "The Moment" (the style blog of The New York Times), the queen of Versace outlined her favorite spots to visit whenever she's in town. Granted, the language might seem a little over-the-top (our favorite line is probably: "I am looking forward to hanging out and watching the drama of the city unfold"), but after all, she is Italian. Here are some things we've learned about Ms. Donatella:

1. She's an art buff!
Versace always makes a point to "visit the galleries to see what's on." And by "galleries," she's talking about everything from heavy-hitters like the Whitney to insider favorites like the Gagosian and the Amaridian on Howard Street.

2. She eats!
... And eats well! As she puts it, "The Waverly in the West Village has a good menu" (understatement of the year ... if you can get in, of course), and Indochine at Lafayette is "a real treat." And we'll definitely be trying Bice on 54th Street, since apparently that's Donatella's choice in the city for Italian fare.

3. She reads! (And, oddly, has a taste for pretty average American clothing)
The first thing on her shopping agenda is apparently Argosy, a bookstore on East 59th, where she picks up art books. Other than that, she actually raves about Anthropologie (sure it's cute, Donatella, but ... seriously?) and ... get ready ... Abercrombie and Fitch, where she buys duds for her son.

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