Shia LaBeouf's Maybe-GF Rocks Stella Filante Tote

The tab-blogs were abuzz this afternoon with rumors of a coupling between actor (and perennial LA-fixture) Shia LaBoeuf and British actress Carey Mulligan because of their kissy-faces at Village resto, Extra Virgin.  More importantly, we noticed Mulligan toting a Stella Filante bag, so we totally love her. 

It's refreshing to catch celebs in their authentic New York states-of-mind, especially when it's a state of mind that promotes young, Lower East Side boutiques like Stella Filante, which in turn sells a sophisticatedly small selection of design up-and-comers. 

And it would also be cool if Mulligan and LaBeouf were indeed a couple, so we might more frequently spot the hottie on this side of the country.

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