Every summer's defined by a specific song or artist, from the Beach Boys in '65 with their seminal California Girls (which celebrated the women of the west coast), to LFO in '99 with their seminal Summer Girls, which celebrated ... chinese food? Now making a bid to define summer 2011, Rufus Wainwright plays Montauk Summer Sessions at Gurney's Beach Club in Montauk.

Celebrating warm shores and good company in the last month of summer, Wainwright's playing the world-famous Gurney's Beach Club at 7pm on August 6th.

Festivities begin at 7pm with cocktails. The Beach Hut, sponsored by Mastercard, will sling summertime cocktails (ice cold mojitos, margaritas, sangria, etc), and BBQ will be served to all.

If you're in Montauk this weekend, stop by Gurney's -- or check out the rest of the goodness going down in The Hamptons with The Feast's Hamptons Edition.

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