See Le1f’s Stunning New Music Video

das racist

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, Le1f has arrived.

If you haven't heard his free mix tape Dark York, released earlier this year on Greedhead, you should really correct that. A collection of skittering beats and all-over-the-place rhymes, Dark York signaled that Le1f—the production whiz kid behind Das Racist's "Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell" was a talent to be paid attention to.

The "Wut" video showcases Le1f's talents not only as a rapper -- check his insanely fast-rapped second verse that he delivers sitting on the lap of a dude in a Pikachu mask -- but also his dance skills and sense of humor. During the video he flexes as if he's meditating, at other times shooting imaginary fireballs off his hands. He's a masterful dancer, moving as if none of his body parts are connected to the other parts of his body.

Le1f draws dancing inspiration from New York's gay ballroom dance scene from the eighties. The video feels provocative in its own way, the gay rapper out-writhing and out-rapping nearly anyone and everyone regardless of gender and orientation.

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