(Second) Deal of the Day: Revenge!

For just $14, put that noisy neighbor in his place

Can you put a price on revenge? Divorce settlements and O.J. Simpson's sentencing aside, not really. But Manhattan User's Guide points us toward this little item from the New York First gift shop that does just that, and it's a paltry $14. (Admittedly, it's only useful to those looking to get justice for a very specific wrong -- that of insensitive and/or idiot neighbors who make noise that disturbs your peace -- but in this city, that's a pretty good start.)

Here's how it works: Your neighbor's making an unreasonable amount of noise. After you've tried some basic conflict resolution (knocking on their door, bringing up the subject by the mailboxes, baking them a pie, begging), stick Revenge in your CD player and aim the speakers toward the offending party's apartment. Then choose between 20 sound effect tracks like "Unhappy Dog," "Domestic Squabble," and "Drum (Played by a Child)," and turn it up. Your message will get across loud and clear. So loud, in fact, that the CD comes with a set of earplugs so you can enjoy your retaliation in peace and quiet -- and to ensure that you won't hear your neighbors when they start banging on your door.   See previous Deals of the Day.

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