Schtella Schnabel's Favorite Body Part Is Her Boyfriend's Penis

Stella Madrid Schnabel, poet, actress, and most important, the second-eldest daughter of the paterfamilias Schnabel, is featured in a spread in the new issue of Purple. There's also a Q&A, which one might overlook because of the photo — which has Schtella lying in a rumpled bed, half wearing a Zac Posen dress, with her legs akimbo and left boob casually bared — but it rewards reading, if only because it's kind of hard to tell whether she is a total and complete tool unworthy of the Schnabel name (she quotes The Recognitions) or kind of awesome. Here are the bits that interested us most:

What's your motto? Two girls, one cup.

What's your favorite body part? My boyfriend's penis.

What do you do on Sundays? Throw up after church.

Ordinarily we'd say such answers wouldn't make her daddy proud, but in this case, we bet they totally do.

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