(The following works better if you read it to yourself in a 1950s drive-in movie narrator voice.) Who is the mysterious masked man known as SBTRKT? What does he want? Is there any way of stopping him?

In order:

WHO IS HE: He's a British electronic musician who performs wearing an oversize African ceremonial mask and is guarded about his identity, though some corners of the internet would have you believe he was born Aaron Jerome. But maybe that's what he wants you to think!

WHAT DOES HE WANT: To cover our clubs and iPods with unyielding onslaughts of gurgling bass and R&B and garage-derived keyboards hooks.

CAN HE BE STOPPED: Well, the dude has co-signs from Drake and Thom Yorke, and his self-titled album got end of the year nods from Spin and Pitchfork. So, yeah, there's probably no stopping him at this point.

SBTRKT's campaign of bass will continue apace in 2012, as he will stop by Webster Hall on April 3 and make the place wobble until we all beg for mercy. Tickets are available here.

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