Save the Date: ‘Grease 2' Sing-Along, 5/16

No Travolta? No Newton-John? No problem! Pink Ladies and T-Birds, rev your engines for 92YTribeca's interactive screening of the Grease sequel

The Event: The latest installment in 92YTribeca's hipster-bait Sing-Along series (past entries have included Annie and Labyrinth) brings you Grease 2, the much-maligned 1982 Grease sequel directed by Pamela Birch. (Who? Exactly.)

What We're Looking Forward To: Odes to sperm! ('Reproduction.') Michelle Pfeiffer air-humping a ladder while singing about guys on motorcycles! ('Cool Rider.') And let's not forget the wink-wink 'Score Tonight' (it's about bowling, yeah, that's it) and weirdly Felliniesque talent-show-number-turned dream sequence. Listen, anyone can love Grease. It's a perfect piece of cinematic bubblegum: Technicolor-bright, gooey in all the right places, funny and sad, with one of the best musical soundtracks ever (based on the Broadway book by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey). Grease 2 is none of those things! The plot is tenuous at best, the acting is generally pretty terrible, and the soundtrack sounds like exactly what it is: Songs written in the '80s trying to sound like the '50s filtered through the '70s. Grease 2 is so bad it's good.

Where and When: Saturday May 16, 11PM; 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street at Canal Street.

Cost: $13, and that even includes a free beer.

More Info: Get tickets here; bone up on your Grease 2 lyrics here.

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