Sarah Palin Wasn't Always a Buttoned-Up Church Lady in Her Campaign Ads

Wonkette and Fox News brilliantly uncovered Sarah Palin's first campaign ad — from her run for mayor of Wasilla in 1996. In it, you can not only catch a glimpse of hot hubby Todd (he looks exactly the same), but also Track, Bristol, and Willow Palin when they actually were children, instead of young adults birthing them. You can actually witness Palin's hair change from its sexy pageant look to its current schoolmarm bun. But our favorite part is her tagline: "POSITIVEly Sarah! Energetic … Determined … Positive." Little did Wasilla voters know exactly how energetic and determined she would turn out to be…

Watch Sarah Palin’s First Political Ad From Back In The Day [Wonkette]

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