Sarah Palin Has a Secret Team of Stylists

Sarah Palin in Valentino.
Photo: Getty Images

Sarah Palin reportedly has a "secretive circle of stylists." You know, like the fashion CIA. This undercover team is encouraging the governor to purchase pricey designer clothes to wear at public events. At the Republican National Convention, for example, Palin wore a $2,500 silk Valentino jacket from Saks. A source told the New York Post McCain's camp doesn't "want the American public to know that Palin is using stylists or that she is paying for expensive clothes this early on in the campaign." Because it's not like fashion people can identify Valentino pieces and figure it out for themselves anyway.

After Cindy McCain was criticized for reportedly wearing $300,000 worth of designer clothes and jewelry for her RNC speech, we understand why the campaign is treating this styling team as a highly clandestine entity. However, we also see Palin's side. If we could afford to wear $2,500 Valentino pieces and were the most famous person in the world at the present moment, you bet your borrowed jewelry we'd be tempted to splurge and flaunt. That said, if we were running for vice-president, we'd like to think we'd defer to tastefulness and restrain ourselves in These Economic Times, despite Valentino's powerful forces (and we mean powerful). And as for those stylists, Palin might want to reconsider whoever let her loose in those Naughty Monkey/Paris Hilton shoes. We know they're affordable, but they're not the most tasteful choice, either.

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