Santigold Shimmies to Music Hall of Williamsburg

Dance-Rock&B polyglot artist Santigold will play the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Jan. 17. This will be Santigold's first public appearance in a few years, and hopefully the end of a long period of silence from the artist born Santi White. 

Santigold's 2008 self-titled debut (well, at the time it was titled Santogold until she changed a letter around for legal reasons) was one of the most buzzed about stepping outs of the past few years, winning acclaim for its forward-thinking blend of new wave songwriting and modern dance music thump, and "L.E.S. Artistes" and "Lights Out" found themselves in many a commercial, TV show, dance club and playlist.

White has been relatively quiet since she stopped touring for the album in 2009, give or take a Beastie Boys song here, a Spank Rock cameo there and a Lonely Island cameo over there. She was supposed to play the Afro-Punk Festival last summer until New York was hit by a hurricane, thus delaying her follow-up act even further.

But not only has she announced a new date, she recently told V Magazine her new album is finished and titled Master of My Make-Believe.

Perhaps fans attending the Williamsburg show will get to hear some of those new songs, and also presumably check out the new sunglasses and gold-colored pants White has picked up in the past few years.  

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