Rumor: Dov Charney is Firing Unattractive Workers

A ticked-off store manager sent an e-mail to Gawker today reporting that the notoriously pervy CEO is demanding that all AA salespeople he deems "unattractive" be immediately fired in an effort to boost sales.

You can read the full transcript of the e-mail here, but the gist is that Charney is apparently requiring all store managers to take group pictures of the employees working in their stores so that skeevy Dov can "personally judge people based on looks." Apparently, this is all in an effort to "tighten up the 'AA aesthetic,'" which, judging from the brand's advertising campaigns, involves dewy youthful looks and copious T&A.

Looks like Charney better watch his back, or he'll be adding yet another lawsuit to his already lengthy list of legal woes.

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