Rumor: A Hearst Gets Hired at … Hearst

With all the dire predictions plaguing print media these days, it's good to hear that some things at Hearst and Conde haven't changed -- namely, good old fashioned nepotism.

Page Six reported this morning that model/heiress/socialite Amanda Hearst has taken a post at Marie Claire, a magazine (coincidentally) owned by Hearst Corporation. Hearst joins a long line of gals who got jobs at glossies through Hearst and Conde Nast's exclusive friends-and-family style of hiring, though we can attest that -- given the chance -- no one can really fault the ladies who decide to employ the obvious foot that's already in the door. (We mean, wouldn't you?)

Also, we must applaud Amanda's choice of publication -- Marie Claire seems to be one of the few glossies still keeping its head above water, and Seventeen and Cosmo aren't exactly regarded as "thinking women's" publications. Harper's Bazaar, maybe? Too indimidating? We look forward to seeing what editorial slot Ms. Hearst will be filling.

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