Rodarte's Spring 2009 Inspiration: Star Wars

Feel the force.

Rodarte triumphed with a much-lauded spring 2009 collection this recent Fashion Week. Designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy have said Japanese horror movies inspired their immensely adored fall collection. Cinematic influences permeated their spring collection as well. Kate tells UnBeige:

[T]here was a very specific kind of moment that we were interested in exploring in the collection and then that brought in different film inspirations, whether it be a film like Donnie Darko or Star Wars.

After perusing dozens of stills from the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, we totally see it! Take Ewan McGregor in his robe here at left and the belted Rodarte look at right. And the famous gold leather leggings? So C-3PO. Maybe Star Wars convention goers should incorporate a little Rodarte into their costumes? We wouldn't put it past them to spend that much on their outfits anyway. Wait — do we really know this much about Star Wars? Awkward.

Seven Questions for Rodarte's Kate Mulleavy [UnBeige/Mediabistro]

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