Spangled, Leopard-Printed Things for Dogs

Begging for more? Or help? Hmmm ...

Nothing warms our hearts these days like fashion houses expanding. Especially when that expansion aims to clothe those creatures that some might argue are born clothed. Despite speculation about his company being in danger after a subdued, pared down fall 2009 collection, Roberto Cavalli is launching a line of petwear. Take in the rhinestone-studded tops and leopard dog coats (Oh, the irony! A leopard dog!). For while rich people are shopping in secret, wearing their diamonds in faux shame amongst only their peers, Roberto Cavalli is sending dogs the message to act opposite. To sparkle! To beg the world to look at them! The collection hits Roberto Cavalli boutiques at the end of the month. The press release boasts:

The collection consists of stylish pieces such as jersey or printed fleece t-shirts and velour tracksuits, as well as classic garments such as polo-shirts, sweaters and puffer jackets. Key pieces in the collection consist of a satin-trimmed bathrobe, silk printed shorts and some shearling jackets. There are also some essential accessories: the quilted dog carrier bag with patent finish and satin lining, a patent leather passport wallet, and patent collars and leashes with the “Paws” print on the reverse side. Special edition items such as bowls, beds and jewels are in the works.

Emphasis ours. It is so annoying when you get to the airport only to discover the pug has left his passport behind. No more excuses, canines. Now don't embarrass us further by sullying the patent.

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