Robert Pattinson's Gay Painter Movie

All those nights of director Paul Morrison falling asleep with a horseshoe in his ass have payed off, because Robert Pattinson is in his movie that no one would have seen otherwise (and that I certainly wouldn't be writing about). According to IMDb, Little Ashes was shot just before Twilight, and it probably would never have been released, if you know, this didn't happen.

But it did, and now we have Pattinson starring as a young Salvador Dali, in what has to be the strangest bit of casting since--well I can’t think of anything stranger. It’s an aberration not even Dali’s flamboyant mustache can conceal. The film explores the secret--and possibly romantic--relationship Dali may have had with his friend Federico Garcia Lorca. This might finally force gay men to embrace Pattinson. Have a look at the trailer below, which just debuted over at Apple, and see if you can think about something else other than omg omg omg omg!!!


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