Young Designer Benjamin Jay at Launch Party: My T-Shirts Are High Fashion

Former model-turned-college student and now-designer Benjamin Jay said last night at the launch party for his debut line Something Rebellious that he may be designing T-shirts but he belongs in the tents, too.

“Yeah, I’m a T-shirt line ... but I want to hang with the big people," the 22-year-old said Wednesday night. "I’m a T-shirt line, and I’ve perfected the T-shirt. I’ve made a new level in the T-shirt game, and why can’t that be celebrated like high fashion?

"This is high fashion to me.”

Legions of leggy party-goers swarmed the Tokion magazine- and Tanteo Tequila-sponsored bash at Chelsea club Juliet Wednesday night for a bash with a vibe that was much more Spring Break than Bryant Park. Models, sporting lightweight tees and tanks, mingled amongst the crowd.

Jay is he's also on top of which slang terms should be retired. He even put it on a T-shirt.

"Swagger's a hot word right now, but you know what? It’s going to die like everything else," he said. "I’m kind of fed up with the word. People are fed up with the word. I’ll turn it into a shirt.”

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