Rising Bronx Rapper YC the Cynic Releases New Video


 "Driver's Seat," the newest video from Bronx rapper YC the Cynic is too arresting to be missed. It's a quintessentially "New York" clip, with YC rapping on a basketball court, Yuri Beats (who produced YC's EP Good Morning, Midnight in its entirety) smoking a cigarette and playing his hype man, and rising NYC producer Hot Sugar spinning a basketball on his hand for a second.

YC, a member of the revolutionary Rebel Diaz crew, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but there's nary a smile to be had in this song.

The track preaches rugged self-reliance without being overly preachy, and YC sounds tough here without having to fire a shot. Throw in a couple shots of a flaming trash can and this clip could have come out in 1994 or something.

At 21, YC's still young, and it's going to be a treat watching this guy develop his talent over the next couple of years. Songs like "Driver's Seat" are exactly what New York hip-hop needs right now.

Watch the strongly-worded video over at YouTube.

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