Richard Fuld Emerges!

We missed this earlier, but apparently a memo from Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld, who has been MIA since the company filed for Chapter 11 on Monday, went around "internally" yesterday — whatever that means, since there is no longer really a Lehman Brothers. Bloomberg printed a small excerpt:

"The past several months have been extraordinarily challenging, culminating in our bankruptcy filing …This has been very painful on all of you, both personally and financially. For this, I feel horrible.''

Wow. This is kind of a letdown, we have to say; this is the Gorilla we're talking about here, and we were expecting an Akon-style passive-aggressive apology that in reality placed the blame squarely on Einhorn and showed that, you know, he still had the fight in him. But there is something so dark and plaintive about that "I feel horrible." You can almost see the empty cartons of Chubby Hubby and Klonopin strewn around his Louis XIV settee. Sad.

Fuld Tells Lehman Employees He Feels `Horrible' for Their Pain [Bloomberg]

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