Report: Potbellies Are Hip!

Sometimes men really seem to get all the luck. According to The New York Times, it's officially hip to have a nice, round belly. Granted, this trend seems mostly to have been "noticed" at the Brooklyn Flea, but we digress.

Guy Trebay calls the recent emergence of slew of blossoming pot bellies across the city the equivalent of "what the trucker cap and wallet chain were to hipsters of a moment ago." In Trebay's article, Dan Peres, the editor of Details, even goes so far as to hold President Obama perhaps accountible for the trend, saying that hipsters -- ever seeking to be contrarian -- may even be reacting to the fitness of the new leader in the White House. “If we had a slob in the White House, all the hipsters would turn into some walking Chippendales calendar,” Mr. Peres said.

Other theories on the resurgence of the gut include a renewed sense of masculinity (were six-packs gay? We're confused) and ultra-toned physiques feeling suddenly posh or the product of being able to, well, afford a personal trainer. We guess it all makes sense if unemployment is the new hip thing -- all those job-seeking couch potatoes are bound to amount to a trend of some sort.

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